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Would you like to relax and eat Thai food without cooking it yourself? Of course you can go to one of the many Thai restaurants - but we suggest something else: a Private Dinner at Thai Cooking!

Instead of eating in an often crowded and noisy restaurant, you can enjoy a private dinner in

our beautiful winter garden in Herrliberg, where we cater for up to six people. Regardless of

whether there is a single group or a mix of groups, we will spoil you all with exotic delicacies,

lovingly prepared by Pat, the course instructor of Thai Cooking.

To request a booking, please use our contact form or send us an e-mail with your ideas (number persons, date, menu wishes). Of course you can also call us so that we can fix the details.

When you arrive, we start right away with aperitifs and - if desired - a glass of prosecco. Afterwards, we will serve you three classic Thai dishes and round the meal off with an exotic fruit dessert.

Guest table in our wintergarden
Thai glass noodle dish

Whoever books first determines the menu

Our menu includes an appetizer, three main courses with Thai perfumed rice and a fruit dessert and costs 150 CHF - including mineral water and coffee. 


For Thai or non-alcoholic beer we charge 8 CHF; a glass of Prosecco costs 12 CHF. Good quality Wine is available on request. If you prefer, you can also bring your own wine for a cork fee of 20 CHF per bottle. 


Something else is special with us:

The first guests to register for an evening determines the menu. 


Here are three suggestions:

Menu 1

Starter: marinated chicken skewers (Satay Gai)

Main courses: Massaman curry with beef (Gaeng Massaman), Sweet & Sour with pork (Priau Wan Moo), clear soup with shrimps (Tom Yam Gung), Thai perfumed rice (Khao Suei)

Dessert: fresh mangoes (Mamuang)

Menu 2

Starter: Fish Nuggets (Thod Man Plaa)

Main courses: Green curry with beef (Gaeng Kiau Wan Nüa), soup with coconut milk and chicken (Tom Kha Gai), minced pork with fresh spices (Laab Moo), Thai perfumed rice (Khao Suei)

Dessert: Sticky rice with coconut cream and mangoes (Khao Niau Mamuang) 


Menu 3

Starter: Homemade spring rolls (Po Pia Phak Sod)

Main courses: Fish curry (Schu Schii Plaa), fried chicken with cashew nuts (Phad Gai Med Mamuang), clear soup with vegetables and pork (Tom Tschued), Thai perfumed rice (Khao Suei)

Dessert: Bananas with coconut cream (Gluai Buad Schii)


These are only suggestions - we can cook over 30 Thai dishes. You may also compose your own menu. We will gladly advise you.

Yam Nuea, a Thai meat salad

You've got that deep desire to taste Thai food again?

You want to escape the daily grind?

You wish to meet new people as a duo?

Five of you are looking for a culinary alternative?


There is always a good reason for a private dinner at Thai Cooking!

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