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  Our Concept 

In our cooking classes Pat teaches up to 6 persons.

(Exception: when a bigger group books a private course.)


Our courses are independent sessions which last about 4 hours. In each session we show three different Thai dishes, each of which you learn to cook by yourself.

You work in small groups (with 2-4 people) under Pat's supervision. Our normal class language is German, but for you Pat makes an exception and teaches both in German and English. And you get the recipes in English, of course.

Private Courses

You may also book a Private Course for a closed group of people (max. 12 persons) - on your chosen day and time, Sundays included. If you wish to do that, please contact us well in advance!

This course procedure is as follows:

  • After arrival you will be treated with a typical Thai appetizer. This dish is meant to be simply enjoyed, not learned. Mineral water and beer are yours, too.

  • When you are ready, Pat explains the various ingredients we use and shows you how to prepare them. Then it is your turn: You follow the samples and prepare the ingredients for your group.

  • Next Pat will demonstrate how to cook the three courses. After tasting them it is again your turn:

  • Each group cooks the three dishes. Which can turn to be a lot of fun (see picture). Whatever: We stand by and support you so that nothing goes wrong. If you have questions when you practice at home what you learned in the class, just give us a call. We'll be glad to answer them!

  • When everything is done, it is time to eat, drink, exchange ideas - and enjoy! In between we spoil you with a dessert of fresh exotic fruits.

Any questions?

For example, why our cooking courses cost more than a 5 course menu in a good restaurant? Or where you can buy all the exotic ingredients? - If our FAQ section does not give you a satisfying answer, contact us, please!

thailändischer Kochkurs
Zutaten für grünen Thai Curry
Thai Cooking Class in Zurich
Thai Cooking Früchte-Dessert
Orchideen als Abschiedsgeschenk
private courses


Our regular Thai cooking courses cost 180 CHF (or 180 EUR) per person, per evening. The prices for our private courses you find here.


Most of our guests pay cash at the end of the class (or bring their voucher).

As an alternative, you can wire the amount in advance to our Postfinance account.  

IBAN: CH57 0900 0000 8577 3423 0

Name, Address: Thai Cooking, 8704 Herrliberg

Attention: We do not accept card payments.


Our Price includes:

5 courses: a Thai appetizer, the three course menu you cook plus a Thai fruit dessert

Beverages: Mineral Water, Beer, Red Wine (good bottle quality)

Recipes of the dishes you cook in your course. They come in laminated paper which is really handy to use in the kitchen since they repel water and grease. Our recipes also show pictures of the exotic ingredients - which makes shopping easier.

Thai Elephants

  Upcoming Classes  

​(Last update: 19th June 2024)

Saturday 29th June 2024, 5-9 pm

1 ticket left

Saturday 6th July 2024, 5-9 pm

4 tickets left

Saturday 13th July 2024, 5-9 pm

no tickets left

fully booked

Saturday 20th July 2024, 5-9 pm

2 tickets left

Saturday 27th July 2024, 5-9 pm

4 tickets left

Sunday 6th October 2024, 4:30-8:30 pm

no tickets left

fully booked

  Our Vouchers 

Voucher English NEW.jpg

 Looking for a Unique Gift? 

Delight your loved one with a gift certificate for one of our Thai cooking classes!


  Our Course Venues  

If you prefer to cook yourself instead of just watching somebody else doing it, you have chosen the right website and place: In our regular cooking courses at Felix Weber's home (Ackerstrasse 5, 8704 Herrliberg) our max. capacity is 6 persons (usually we do classes with 2-4 students). So you are guaranteed to get enough practice.

You eat in the winter garden, from where you can see the far left shore of lake Zurich.

Thai Cooking Herrliberg Wintergarten

Ackerstrasse 5 is located about 1.5 km uphill from Seestrasse (see map). 

There is ample parking space next to the house.

If you prefer to take the train, just let us know in advance: We will pick you up at station Erlenbach (Trains S6 and S16). 


We make exceptions, though:

For bigger groups (up to 10 persons) we do Private Courses in Hotel Rebe (address: Dorf 20, Herrliberg), a renovated 300-year old studwork house (see photo below).

The location boasts a professional kitchen and a cosy eating room.

Hotel Rebe Herrliberg

Hotel Rebe is located ca. 1 km uphill from See-strasse in the old part of the town (see map). 
There is ample parking space next to the house.

If you prefer to take the train, Hotel Rebe is a 10-minute (uphill) walk from station Herrliberg-Feldmeilen (Trains S6 and S16). 


  What People Are Saying  

"A great cooking class: the food was delicious, the course location stylish and the people likable"


A journalist of the daily "Tages-Anzeiger" took one of our cooking classes.

Read his report here.


The industry magazine "Hotellerie et Gastronomie" also wrote about us;

the article "Siegeszug der thailändischen Küche" can be found here.

  Companies that Booked Private Courses for a Team 


Thai Cooking Ingredients

Here are our conditions for our regular classes:

(The conditions for private courses you find here.)

  • Registrations for our cooking courses are binding.

  • Cancellations or postponements must be made at least 48 hours before the course takes place, otherwise we will charge you (150 CHF/person).

  • No-shows have to pay the full amount / cannot be refunded.

  • Courses must be paid before the session ends.

  • If we get less than 2 registrations for a course, we may cancel it (at least two days in advance).

  • In case of disputes, Herrliberg's magistrate is the appropriate authority. Place of jurisdiction is the court in Meilen.

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